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Hi Daniel,

The recordings proper are still in progress, but here are some brief snippets from an early and rough take of one of the songs (so no need of a critique from anyone!). These comprise: the guitar and vocal combined, the guitar-only track and the vocal-only track. Should give you an idea of the bleed. The singer-songwriter is short, plays sitting down and fairly hunched over (i.e. mouth about as near to the guitar as you can imagine, so a worse-case scenario!). In more recent recordings I have reduced the bleed of guitar of the vocals a little more (and have used a better suited mic), but have stuck with the guitar approach (spaced pair of fig 8s, 30cm apart).
Thank you for sharing, Roland! A WAV file is worth a thousand words. And the song is beautiful, please feel free to send me a link once the recordings are finished.

To be honest, I'm surprised at how much bleed was in each track; both are well isolated given the fact that it's live, but I feel like I've gotten a similar amount of isolation with hypercardioids (haven't worked much with figure-8's) so I was just expecting something closer to a studio/booth level or isolation. That said, I couldn't detect any phasing issues once the mics were combined, so it's really a moot point; you've got great control over the mix in post, and no artifacts! Well done, especially considering that the artist wasn't making anything easy for you.