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It has been quite a while since I played with the color of the Title Bar (yes, you have the right name) but I used a registry tweak to do it.

[ ]

My one and only objective was to get the window with 'focus' (active) to be different than the others, and so this tweak was perfect for me. I chose a green that's similar to the MPAA General Audiences movie rating background color. The change has survived over many Win10 updates, including my change to the Dark Theme, so I think it's a good one.
That's perfect. I didn't know if I had turned Aero on in doing it my way but I love the idea that an extra process isn't running that could go haywire on a holiday.

But you've piqued my interest in your choice MediaGary, could I beg you share the registry key so I can just plunk it in and see what that looks like? I assume all risk and have so many backups it would air out their fleas if I rolled one back anyway

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