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Fun thread... I just started experimenting with attempts to move multichannel music (quadraphonic) into Ambisonic format for delivery over YouTube (supports VR). I've seen several videos that playback 3D audio over YouTube. My initial experiment was to create a surround synth patch and record is as 1st Order Ambisonic (B Format).

I've worked in surround for years but this was my first attempt at using headphone 3D audio.... and it wasn't a good replication of the quadraphonic image. Maybe I didn't configure Nuendo correctly? Curious to know more about proper ways to record and mix music in Ambisonic, and eventually deliver via YouTube. Any tips?
Native Ambisonics recording needs an Ambisonics microphone. You can however do what you´ve done using software that converts from multichannel/stereo/mono and output in FOA or higher Ambisonics format. You can also mix native Ambisonics recordings with stereo/mono and multichannel.

Some elements don´t need to move in the 3D space, like music when it makes part of other elements as sound effects, ambient recordings etc. It´s called headlocked mix that can also be uploaded to Facebook. On Youtube I guess it´s a slightly more complicated process.

One software I´ve been using that I like a lot for music is DearVR Pro. It allows positioning and reverb within the same plugin with very good results IMHO. You can place it on several tracks the contribute to a mix and position, play with distance, elevation etc. It outputs in Binaural as well, wich is great, if all you want is a more immersive 3D sound without the need to auto panning on 360 videos or VR. They have a 30 day fully workable trial.Here´s the link: