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Y'all convinced me...I discovered this thread a few days ago after falling down a Beatles' gear rabbit hole and looking for inexpensive U47 style mics.

I have ordered both Teal and Black variants of the CM1 to check out the manufacturer (I know neither is u47 based)...both sound like no-lose investments.

If they are as good as everybody here seems to think, I'll get a second CM1 so I have a stereo pair for stuff and things, and probably get one of the Warblers, maybe the MKII so I can try some Beatles-style tricks.

One thing I noticed on the 3U site is that there are "D" variations of some of the mics now (Warbler MKIVD, Warbler MKIID, ETC).

Without looking through 100+ pages, does anybody know what the difference is with the D ones?

This is also my first post here after lurking for hi everybody.
The MKIID might be what you want, there's one used on the classifieds here (the seller listed it as an MKID though). I believe it's U47 inspired, but it's a multipattern solid state mic. The used price wasn't too bad IIRC. But the multipattern Warblers are only something like $350 new to begin with.