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Old 14th September 2019
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As far as conserving mics, I’d say this: 1 on snare, left OH can be over snare to pick up more if that. 2 OH. 2 on both kick reso’s. Right OH can be closer to floor Tom to pick more of that up. So far that’s 5. I’d think creative for a close mic to grab kick beater and snare side. I’ve had decent luck placing a mic close to the floor Tom but pointing towards snare side with the kick beater in its path. If this is panned mono that’s some nice punch. So that’s 6. Tons kind come out good in OH but I do like a hi hat mic. I agree room mics in a not so good room aren’t super helpful. I know cause that’s my deal too. But 1 can be nice. I point mine at the ceiling to get more reflection and just blend a little. That’s 8.