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Old 13th September 2019
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I think you can hit the right pitch when you are trying to - but some of the shorter notes you are not sure what note you want to hit. The trick is to learn the pitch for every note of the song, Just because a passage is sung quickly doesn't mean you can be sloppy in pitch.

Your timing is good (harder than some people think) but if you can't sing a fast passage in tune first figure out exactly what nontes you want on each word, practice it slowly and then speed it up.

In that song there is a primary interval you need, the root and the b7 below it, also the M2 above the root. So, practice singing "E........ F#, E, D, E...... F#, E......
You are almost always going to be using the same pitches throughout the song, so learn all of them, not just the key center. Also find the P5 (the B) and get it in tune, practice all these pitches in tune before you sing the song and it will sound more in tune.

If you are not sure of the pitches figure them out on guitar or piano before you sing the song.