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It’s more that they’re drummers playing for other drummers, more than as a part of the music. Very few drummers manage to make crazy technique and intense parts work musically, at least musically that works for non musicians.
there is this thing of competitive speed drumming. It is 100% non-musical - the only thing they have to do is play the most amount of "notes" in a 60 second time period. There is a machine that counts the strikes and the most successful technique is apparently a kind of buzz roll thing with multiple bounces of each stick.

As a drummer, I would consider this a 'cheating' kind of speed and probably the people organizing the competition might have originally agreed with me, but obviously it is forced upon them by their technology. I think it would be very very difficult to invent a machine that was capable of "disqualifying" bounces or buzzes.

It doesn't merely sound like 'nothing special', that would be too good. It actually sounds like 'a mess'.

Yeah I get that, and I’m not a drummer nor do I really care about intensely technical music anymore, so I’m probably not the audience. But still - where does the main “1 and 3” fall, to left or right on a panned kick kit?!
Mostly this stuff seems panned off center, but not full left and right.

The thing I often hear are these continuous 16th note "rides" on the kicks. This is constantly going under the verse or chorus. Besides the “1 and 3” , there are 14 other notes in every measure so it hardly matters. I suppose most drummers are right-handed, which implies they are also right-footed, so the the right foot would be probably leading on the downbeats.

When the playing is sparser, some of the drummers have slightly different tunings of the the kicks and may opt to play one or the other or both. The Ginger Baker/Cream video above is a good example. He may play the right on some spots, the left on others and both drums together on still others. I think Baker approaches the theoretical ideal where the use of his feet is just like the use of his hands.

Double kicks are also used for fills. A popular fill figure for these setups might be something like: RH, LH, RF, LF, over and over again as a quadruplet.

I get how it could be cool for the wig out bits, it’s the regular moments I want to know about!
I think in a lot of the really heavy styles it's all "wig out bits" with very few "regular moments"!