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Maybe, instead of concentrating on the in this case trivial microphone type, we should comment on this remark of the OP. Where did he hear this?

- Anhanced Ego -
Which part? 40cm bass traps are sufficient? That comes from companies who want to sell "bass traps" but can't ship a 900+mm trap in the mail. So they convince consumers that 4inches of rigid fiber is just as good. Then people learn that fluffy fiber is needed to trap bass, but dont want to devote the volume needed to actually be successful. They tell themselves, i dont need pro results, i'll just put up "x" ammount, and surely its better than nothing. BUT in the end they just get a different version of bad. Optimism is the devil here, IMO.

Or that flush mounting isnt necessary? It's indeed a large compromise not to, but with enough of the right treatment it obviously can be done without flush mounting. MRAD2 is proof of that.