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Hi Roland, congrats on finding a chapel with no traffic noise! In the Denver area, all the best churches seem to be right on main intersections. Boulder's a little better, but you have to wait until at least 8pm for traffic to die down. I'd love to hear some stems from that recording; would you be open sharing? I'm most interested in how much of the guitar/vocal you were able to cancel out using the nulls.
Hi Daniel,

Rural chapels and churches of all sizes with quietness aren't much of an issue in rural Norfolk here in the UK: in the one I use most regularly, the biggest problem is the clock ticking (have to climb up and stop it) and the odd fly buzzing!

The recordings proper are still in progress, but here are some brief snippets from an early and rough take of one of the songs (so no need of a critique from anyone!). These comprise: the guitar and vocal combined, the guitar-only track and the vocal-only track. Should give you an idea of the bleed. The singer-songwriter is short, plays sitting down and fairly hunched over (i.e. mouth about as near to the guitar as you can imagine, so a worse-case scenario!). In more recent recordings I have reduced the bleed of guitar of the vocals a little more (and have used a better suited mic), but have stuck with the guitar approach (spaced pair of fig 8s, 30cm apart).

Anyway, very rough though it is, it should give you an idea of the nulls, which I find useful, along with the fact that the spaced pair on guitar gives stereo (as opposed to the commoner use of fig 8s for singer-songwriters: i.e. one on guitar and one on vocal).

Finally, note I'm not suggesting that this would be better than how you are already doing things!


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