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I actually like to use the analogy of a 50 yard dash.

A 6 (or 7) figure CR is like a $3000 pair of the best running shoes out there.

A more humbly designed CR, yet still meeting very high standards, is like a $300 pair of running shoes.

In both of these cases a designer was likely involved from the very beginning.

Then you have the murky DIY CR build category, where most of the knowledge was garnered from the internet, and the build itself was likely done by someone who can barely drive a straight nail with a hammer. In 99.9% of these cases the runner has each foot encased in a 50 pound block of cement, but he doesn't even know it. He completely underestimates the gravity of the situation he is up against -- that being the physics of sound dispersion within a contained space for which the intended purpose is music production/mixing/mastering. Sad but true, especially once you understand the complexity of the subject which IMO is 100X more complicated than anything to do with actual recording, production, or gear !

In cases #1 and #2 , a slightly more talented runner will easily win the race with the $300 pair of running shoes. That $2700 difference in price is no match for the difference in physical abilities/talent between the two runners. But even the most gifted and talented runner in the world would lose the race against a decrepit 100 year old man if his feet are encased in 100 pounds of cement. He has already lost the race before the starting gun even fires, and just falls flat on his face desperately trying to drag those blocks of cement along in a hopelessly futile effort !

All of this can be summed up in a single sentence: You cannot mix what you cannot hear.
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