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Well... there couldn't be an Itunes at the time as Apple and The Beatles had an agreement -
'Apple Computer agreed not to enter the music business, and Apple Corps agreed not to enter the computer business'.

Apple went back on this agreement (nice) , and as rumoured tried to bankrupt The Beatles through the courts
for a few years.. Nice people...
That may be true, but it’s largely irrelevant - Google or anyone could have launched the service, the point is taking the stick approach without providing a legal option is dumb, and people making the rules never seem to learn this!

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I've seen this a couple of other times but the property appreciation
cancelled out any losses - they maybe thinking along those lines more
as a good sized plot in most major cities has been rocketing over the past while.
Why not just mothball the studio and sit on the property then? Or turn it into something that might cover its costs - warehousing or offices?!