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Hi Daniel,

I enjoyed the video/recording, found the blog post useful, and have no particular quibble with the audio. In terms of the video, I would like to see some wider shots showing the singer in the chapel and see no reason to avoid showing mics.

And the singer-songwriter recording issue resonates with me: in a few sessions scattered over the last year I have been working with a guitarist/vocalist on an album (not finished yet), recording in an early C18th chapel with an excellent acoustic and no traffic noise. After many tests, I settled on a parallel pair of fig 8 LDCs for the guitar (tipped forward so the nulls cancel the vocals) and another fig 8 LDC for the vocals (with its null towards the guitar): personally, I do like the guitar in stereo, and like the flexibility in post afforded by almost complete separation of the guitar and vocal tracks by the nulls (not least with a vocalist who has an extreme range in dynamics).


Hi Roland, congrats on finding a chapel with no traffic noise! In the Denver area, all the best churches seem to be right on main intersections. Boulder's a little better, but you have to wait until at least 8pm for traffic to die down. I'd love to hear some stems from that recording; would you be open sharing? I'm most interested in how much of the guitar/vocal you were able to cancel out using the nulls.

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Wow- great Job!

Very professional production value- from audio to video. Also checked out your website and all of your videos look and sound amazing (imo). This is the kind of work that really helps artists get the point across- it's real (live takes), but it looks and sounds killer!

Cheers from a new member....

ps- I'm curious who else here is doing this kind of work (live recording- audio and video)? Getting both from one engineer is super convenient.
cajundaddy, BluesTrain, elswhrco; thanks for the kind words! I do agree with the earlier posts that the vocal could be better balanced with the guitar, but I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed it.

There are several members here on the forum doing both audio & video; I'm guessing I'm not the only one who took this path, but I started out with audio and added video when my clients kept asking for it. I might get some heat for this, but I believe that audio is more of a challenge than video; or, it's much harder to get great audio than it is to get great video. I think this comes down to the fact that we're a more visually-oriented species/culture, so it can take some time to use your ears as a primary sense. That said, I'm far from mastering either and I have great respect for the people at the top of their class in both fields.