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I have done a lot of singer songwriter recording in churches.
I have experimented with every array possible on them.
M/S is a good option in a lot of ways but limited in that it can sound meh on instruments unless you use fig 8's or omni m/s.
Here's an omni m/s recording: Rens Heijnis schoeps mode

Here's a close spaced wide cardioid recording: Cassette on location with AD comparison

now I would mix a fig 8 vertical blumlein with a narrowly spaced room pair if I didn't have much time or do a narrowly spaced wide cardioid approach (possibly with a distant pair)
Hi whippoorwill, thanks for chiming in! I really enjoyed your post about recording a singer-songwriter to cassette, that was the first time I'd seen someone else applying a single stereo pair to that genre of music here (although I'm sure there have been some posts I've missed, as Remoteness noted).

Your recordings are lovely and I appreciate your input regarding polar patterns. It's way out of my price range right now, but the Josephson C700S seems like a great mic for this purpose, as it has both omni and figure-8 capsules for MS application. That said, I really do like the spaciousness that AB stereo gives to whatever reverb it picks up. If I was recording in MS, I might try setting up some figure-8's in a wide spacing behind the artist to pick up some decorrelated reverb signal.