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Right. watching that vid, he's still mainly playing one kick for the downbeat, and the 2nd when the doubles are needed (and I get the point about them being small!).

I personally really hate the idea of things moving within the song - like one minute the kick is central, and the next they're wide - it kind of goes against the concept of capturing the kit itself - but it's up to your taste I suppose! you also are then chasing your tail on phase if you're not careful.

Other than that, drum clinic drummers aren't really my thing, so I'm probably not the best person to advise! I would still like to hear how double kicks are treated in studio sessions from those who've done this successfully (particularly relating to the stereo field).

(your drummer could be my older brother btw )
Yes exactly, though it's not always necessarily going to be like that. It depends on the song. This is the only decent quality video I have though. I mean, I have others but they're badly recorded.

Yeah I thought the thing moving might be bad. I thought most likely I will just keep it all center, but I do want to try experimenting while mixing JUST incase it becomes interesting. Or there maybe a song where it works L/R. I really don't know until I get my gear setup done and then try recording and get to the mixing stage. I think very likely I will end up just keeping it all (or mostly) centered.

Good point about phase too, this is something I was also concerned about.

Are those guys considered clinic drummers? I didn't realize hahah. I thought they just do clinics as a side thing. I've heard those guys a bit but don't follow everything they do. I mainly grew up on Billy Cobham, Narada Michael Walden, Lenny White, etc. Guys like that.