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Old 12th September 2019
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I just got Studio One 4.5.3 about 2 weeks ago
After having used and still using Pro tools and Reason and having tried Reaper on the 60 day trial .

So far (understanding I am new to S1) I would rank it slightly second to Pro Tools for overall Audio editing and mixing workflow (albeit) there definitely are some features I like compared to PT. for example the being able to swipe select tracks and then select either a Bus Track or FX track and have them auto assigned is stellar.

Have not done enough Midi to make an informed judgement.

Over all for me personally in general intuitive workflow It definitely ranks above both Reaper and Reason IMO.

Couple issues I have run into already vs PT
#1 I guess there really is nothing like the PT multi tool

#2 I was editing some audio tracks and used the little fade drag icon at the end of the event/clip to throw in a fade (which PT has also) However on the second track ,I trimmed some off the end of the event, then went to try to do a fade and the little triangle fade icon would not show ? ( unlike PT which has that option no matter how much you have sliced up a clip/event) Unless there is some key command to show the fade slider after trimming ? which so far I could not find in the manual.

The most frustration issue so far is even though I did select the Pro Tools option for Keystroke Shortcuts , and I did detach the mix window (As per a recent Studio One Expert video) The command and =/+ shortcut to toggle between the Mix and edit window does not work. and F3 simply reduces both windows and shows them both.
It does take a bit to get used to S1, and there are some features that I had to find and eliminate in options boxes that drove me nuts.

#2 sounds like the same problem I was originally having. Are you merging parts? If so, that sounds like the same problem. Someone here explained that one to me. Bounce the parts together instead of merging.

Not sure what merging is useful for. Once you merge you don't get clip volume either.


I did the same thing with protools shortcuts, and really missed the "b" to break the audio up, so I made a keyboard shortcut. Once you get going with keyboard shortcuts and macros, S1 can really move.

I don't really miss protools much if at all any longer. I just wish all of the song's I've been working on in PT for the past few years could be moved to S1 with a snap of my fingers.

Good luck.