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Here for the gear

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I've been doing location recordings for a few years now, but only occasional orchstral and choral gigs; my bread and butter is recording folk, rock & pop music in live spaces and shooting video to match. I don't see a lot of posts here in that niche (it is kind of a rare combination), so I wanted to share a video of mine and see what you all think of it. It's a very minimal mix so there wasn't a whole lot to do on my end, but I'd appreciate any feedback or criticism on the audio or video.
Wow- great Job!

Very professional production value- from audio to video. Also checked out your website and all of your videos look and sound amazing (imo). This is the kind of work that really helps artists get the point across- it's real (live takes), but it looks and sounds killer!

Cheers from a new member....

ps- I'm curious who else here is doing this kind of work (live recording- audio and video)? Getting both from one engineer is super convenient.