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Old 12th September 2019
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Old thread, I know. I just don't want to start a new one.

I have been using an HDX system in a 2012 Mac Pro 12 core since 2012. I still run Mavericks 10.9.5. It's a rock solid system with the drive bays filled with SSDs managed with chronosync. After all these years, HDX is still very impressive with both tracking and mixing. It can't seem to handle 64 sample buffer when a lot of native plugins are stacked, but it works flawlessly with DSP plugs while tracking.

The reason I am bumping this thread is because I'm curious as to what the future might hold. Do you think that Avid's Pro Tools/HD/HDX will always be top dog and the only near-zero-latency tracking system on the market? I am a little blown away that UA and Waves haven't put forth such a system with their own processors and daw. I know that designing a low latency DAW system is no simple feat, but I wonder what the options will be in the future.

My converters send out AES/EBU and are very low latency, so theoretically I could get any system in the future that accepted AES/EBU that offered near-zero latency monitoring... but will there ever be one? I love Pro Tools. I've used it since PT5 and have stayed at PT11 since 2012. No plan on ever switching, but if there were another option that offered the unparalleled tracking/monitoring with plugins, I would probably consider it.