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You are right and I apologise; the London 12 kit is made using fibreglass, not foam.

However, have you looked at what you get? Not a single item is deeper than 2". Do not rush into making a wrong decision.
Primacoustic products are pretty high grade. Very good quality boards from my understanding as it is a high-density fiberglass panel which is better than anything available to me from the hardware store here. I'm also in the city core so not really anything close by.

I thought about going DIY but don't want to risk any sort of microfibres circulating in my space since it acts as my living space as well. Seeing as my studio apartment is quite small, have limited tools, and no proper space/time to house open bags of insulation...makes more sense to invest in Primacoustics. Will save me time and give me peace of mind.

Having said that, the two-inch panels can be spaced away from the wall to be more effective with their wall impalers which I plan on doing. Was told they are 30% more effective by doing this. Also, I could always build 6" frames for each of the panels at a later date if I need to get more absorption which I think would look pretty nice.

The London 12 with the addition of the max traps... I think it will be a solid sounding room with peace of mind.