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I remember that the Why We Sleep author said the middle-of-the-night brief wake up was a likely a cultural thing or just some quirk about a certain people as it seemed to happen in a certain place only for a certain period of time. I think it happened in or around the UK. That's all iirc.

Another interesting thing he said is that afternoon naps are totally natural and part of the sleep/wake cycle, but modern culture has gotten away from it. Those cultures who still take the naps are healthier than non-nappers in a multitude of ways, though whether that's because the majority of culture that doesn't take naps is spending that time doing unhealthy things is up for debate.

I remember reading about a person who had neck and back problems and traced the source back to using too many pillows. When they switch to a single good memory foam pillow, it all went away. Makes sense that the right position and amount of support are important like that ....
I havent read up the reasoning behind the the two 4 hours shifts period but it could have been due to waking up to milk the cows etc...pre industrial.
I cant stand taking naps as it messes up my day.I know in hotter climates like Spain its a cultural thing because of the heat.In Madrid apparently they dont go out to socialise until around 10pm (when its cooler) and i can understand why the siesta is important. When we have a hot spell (UK) i tend to sleep at 3 or 4 am and those are times when a siesta is part of my routine but i dislike those days. I,m planning on taking breaks to cooler parts in the future. I grew up in a cooler part of the Country.

Long term alcohol use is a killer for the sleep pattern. I gave up about 15 years ago, it became relentless and at the time of giving it up, i did not sleep for 6 days. It was harrowing and it shows what effect the alcohol is really having,even though most experience a wonderful nodding off while imbibing, its actually having the opposite effect.
We are all different and we are different at different times of our lives. Need an adapt and survive strategy. Thats been my experience, might seem a bit heavy but whatever gets you through the night eh