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classic deflection and smoke and mirrors right there. anyone defending either of those pirate crooks, and by definition that is precisely what they are, I seriously question their motives.
You can't have a civilised discussion if someone's going to respond by saying I'm not allowed a point of view!

You're totally entitled to your opinion, but the law states there's a legal distinction between someone who's actually pirating and someone who's in the business of selling a service.

If we were being paid $5/stream, would you still consider it "piracy"? of course not, that's a better return than any musician has ever made. So it's the boundaries/rates that are the issue, not the actual mechanism.

as a professional in the music making business, of course I am bitter, but that does not negate any of my correctness.
Well, it does. It's clouding your judgement, charging your opinions with emotion instead of fact and forcing you to see the negative only.

everything i said is publicly documented fact. saying and believing otherwise is turning a blind eye and living in denial. again, I seriously question the agenda at work here.
Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean they're "in denial". I disproved (as far as we can tell without being accountants) one of your "facts" with a simple google.

Personally I have no "agenda". Personally I don't really get affected whether someone is streaming a song or buying it on iTunes; I'm still getting paid.

we as a society enthusiastically allowed the crooks into our homes with open arms. piracy made it free. streaming made it free. free is good, right? the two combined, we have what he have today. but hey, today we live in a world where nobody cares (so long as they get theirs), so its par for the course. we made our bed...
As I said - your bitterness is making your blind to the positives. The major issue is the rate of pay per stream, and I agree that spotify etc trying to reduce that (as they did recently) is a bad thing of course. I just strongly disagree with your whole assertion that it's the same thing as piracy. Legally it's not; functionally it's not. You've got no leg to stand on there, other than you think the rates are too low; which I agree with. Fix that and everyone is happy (or they should be at least).