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I,m a night owl (2am-10am) suits me although i need work at it in the winter to get more daylight...damn clock adjustment.
In the past (pre industrial age) we only slept for 4hours and got up for a couple hours (maybe cooked a little or a little reading or chores) then went back for another 4hours.
A while ago, i read that a banana is one of the best things to eat prior to bedtime. Works for me, also at least 8 hours coffee free before sleep.
Oh and a really good mattress is so important.
I remember that the Why We Sleep author said the middle-of-the-night brief wake up was a likely a cultural thing or just some quirk about a certain people as it seemed to happen in a certain place only for a certain period of time. I think it happened in or around the UK. That's all iirc.

Another interesting thing he said is that afternoon naps are totally natural and part of the sleep/wake cycle, but modern culture has gotten away from it. Those cultures who still take the naps are healthier than non-nappers in a multitude of ways, though whether that's because the majority of culture that doesn't take naps is spending that time doing unhealthy things is up for debate.

I remember reading about a person who had neck and back problems and traced the source back to using too many pillows. When they switch to a single good memory foam pillow, it all went away. Makes sense that the right position and amount of support are important like that ....