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I’m not sure I’ve ever had to record a double kick!

Without a proper summation of how they’ll be used it’s difficult to say what to do, but I’d be struggling to think how to treat them. For example, are they both panned centrally? If so, why not just have a double beater on a single kick?

If panned slightly L/R, is the drummer mainly playing one kick or is he always alternating? Either way, you’ve got a slightly weird stereo effect going on - either your kick is mostly off centre, or every hit is panning.

Unless there’s a really good reason why not, I’d strongly suggest recording with a single kick and double kick pedal. If nothing else, it’s one less thing for an inexperienced recordist to have to deal with - it can be hard enough getting a great kick tone without having to do it twice over?

I must admit it’s not my area of musical knowledge - does anyone know if the drummers famous for using 2 kicks live (Carmen Appice for example?) use 2 in the studio? Any good examples of double kick recordings someone can show to demonstrate how it can work practically?
Most metal drummers who aren’t sample replaced use two kicks in the studio since the days of Motörhead. Single kick is less common unless they’re doing heel to toe hits like Nicko McBain in Iron Maiden. There’s a lot of judicious micing and compression needed but you have to start somewhere.