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Old 11th September 2019
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Hello etch, the reason why libraries are pulling out tracks that use splice loops is because too many cues/tracks that are submitted are using the same loop not because they come from splice. And this is 100% accurate information I received from a certain Music library. That's why I always encourage producers to chop,alter the loops and samples the best they can to avoid having their work rejected.
Yes, it isn’t that difficult to chop these things up. But some people figure “I bought it, so I’ll use it however I want”.

In a way, I feel that libraries can’t complain too much. Most pay nothing for the cues they get from composers. If the library makes no investment in the product, why do they expect the composer to foot the bill for unique sounds for every project?

On the other hand, composers should be trying to up their game and use better tools and do unique things with the samples they get. It does help to stand out amongst the torrent of other music out there.