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Old 11th September 2019
Here for the gear

Y'all convinced me...I discovered this thread a few days ago after falling down a Beatles' gear rabbit hole and looking for inexpensive U47 style mics.

I have ordered both Teal and Black variants of the CM1 to check out the manufacturer (I know neither is u47 based)...both sound like no-lose investments.

If they are as good as everybody here seems to think, I'll get a second CM1 so I have a stereo pair for stuff and things, and probably get one of the Warblers, maybe the MKII so I can try some Beatles-style tricks.

One thing I noticed on the 3U site is that there are "D" variations of some of the mics now (Warbler MKIVD, Warbler MKIID, ETC).

Without looking through 100+ pages, does anybody know what the difference is with the D ones?

This is also my first post here after lurking for hi everybody.