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I think you are on exactly the right lines avoiding crappy "dash" arrays, and looking at capable single box solutions such as the TTL6a.

It's a mightily impressive box, both in quality and output. The coherent focused mid/high coaxial arrangement works really well, as long as the wide 90° horizontal coverage pattern isn't reflecting off any surface.

It's a pretty big box, but that combined with the 5° downward tilt of the vertical dispersion, makes it just right to stand alone on theatre-type stages. Then simply aim it appropriately, and depending on the shape of the room you can probably get away with just a single pair of tiny boxes for infill or outfill.

I'm not really familiar with your QSC boxes, though as I recall the 3-way is the model not cursed with their conical and broad HF horn. Hence you might not be used to deploying boxes with such wide horizontal coverage, which may or may not be an issue depending on the rooms involved.

There are other decent less expensive options from RCF and DB Tech. The NXL44 and IG4T are smaller 2-way designs, but both have hefty HF drivers and put out a lot for such skinny boxes - with similarly wide horizontal dispersion.
Thanks for the info

I've been spoiled by the 3 way KW 153 and after having 2 shows in a 2-way system (with sub) without dedicated mid woofer, I realized how much it counts. So I couldn't "upgrade" to a system without. Besides, I have played on NX24A, the little brother of NX44A and the sound was not that impressive. Nice, but that's it. So I guess, without listening, that NX44A would be kind of a side grade. Probably a bit better, but not worth the investments. TTL6A on the other side... Would definitely be. Especially the way the tweeter is only 5 degrees up. That helps with a lot of ceiling reflections.