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Old 11th September 2019
Here is my plot for my tiny 8ft x 10ft room that I've had to move into.

Adam A7x's are unusable without Sonarworks, I have a few bass traps in the corners that stopped also the serious clap echoe test.

Carpet helps as does a bit of carpet covering the rear window that faces the monitors, more to block out the sunlight reflecting on my screen than anything else. Door is always open to let some of the sound out.

If I move my head back a couple of inches though the bass doubles up so sweet spot is important.

In this example a tighter measuring spot would be better than the wide circle that I would never move in. Sonarworks if you are reading the big measuring circle area works great for bigger studio's but I rarely move more than a few inches outside my seating area so some smaller measurement options would be good.
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