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Not a fan of the Console Shaper, to me it rounded the highs nicely but also turned dense mixes into mush, definition was lost so I prefer not to use it, maybe it will get better with an update but for now I prefer how my mixes sound without it.
That was my experience as well. CTC-1 is better, but I much prefer the results I get from the Console 1 drive module and it is WAY easier on the CPU.

As another earlier post said earlier, yeah this is just a gimmik. I wasted my money on a plugin that can only be used in one DAW. It sounds good, but yeah not worth the money even on sale.

I said as much on the Presonus forums and a developer chimed-in and got all butt-hurt trying to tell me the reason I don't like it is because I don't understand the technology involved......