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I always wonder why everyone complains about Roland and nobody brings up Yamaha. They have an equally storied pedigree when it comes making era-defining synths, and AFAIK all they put out now are workstation keyboards, with even less variety than Roland, yet I don't see anyone trying to force them back into old habits. What makes it any more likely Roland would re-visit the past than Yamaha (other than the former being more exclusively devoted to music products, of course)?
Yamaha may not be making the GEAR we want...but what the DO make, is of IMPECIBLE quality.

Yamaha has never released half-finished, malfunctioning, half-assed, toy store build quality, plastic GARBAGE that is intended to keep you frustrated till they they get their next "HEY LOOK OVER HERE!" product together, at which point whatever it is that you have that doesn't work, is abandoned and NEVER updated again.

In my experience, Yamaha stands for TOP QUALITY...My DX7 Mrk 1 could survive a direct nuclear strike...I knocked my MR-10 drum machine out of a second-story window problem...Of all the 80's 4-8 tracks I own, the Yamaha unit is the ONLY one that doesn't have some failier in the tape transport...I bought one of their new-ish REVSTAR guitars after noticing they were sexy as f^%k...I got the Les Paul Jr looking Green one with the P-90's and the crazy looking bridge...and it's become my #1 guitar, I prefer it over much more expensive ones

This one

The problem with Yamaha is they rarely make things we WANT anymore, (the refaces were not poor quality, they were just INCREDIBLY overpriced, at the price of a Volca, everyone would have had one or two...and still be using them)

But if Yamaha DID make something I wanted, I would buy it with complete confidence.