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Old 10th September 2019
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Hi Daniel,

I enjoyed the video/recording, found the blog post useful, and have no particular quibble with the audio. In terms of the video, I would like to see some wider shots showing the singer in the chapel and see no reason to avoid showing mics.

And the singer-songwriter recording issue resonates with me: in a few sessions scattered over the last year I have been working with a guitarist/vocalist on an album (not finished yet), recording in an early C18th chapel with an excellent acoustic and no traffic noise. After many tests, I settled on a parallel pair of fig 8 LDCs for the guitar (tipped forward so the nulls cancel the vocals) and another fig 8 LDC for the vocals (with its null towards the guitar): personally, I do like the guitar in stereo, and like the flexibility in post afforded by almost complete separation of the guitar and vocal tracks by the nulls (not least with a vocalist who has an extreme range in dynamics).