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You don't like having them all together?

That's what I'm working on, consolidating most Sequencers and Clock stuff and key shared mod sources together in one case.
In theory, it sounds great: Set aside a table for little cases for all the sequencing stuff. Much more ergonomic. The cable runs are huge as expected, but what I'm finding is that I actually just flat out avoid using them now. I was working on a track last night that's built on loops I put together in the modular, and I felt patching in the sequencers to be more of a chore than an inspiration like it's supposed to be. It's like the sequencers are a separate entity now. I'd kind of like to put them on the floor in front of the modular racks again, but that really screws with ergonomics and makes patching over them a pain in the ass. What I'm thinking of doing is popping most, if not all of them back in the rack (swapping out modules to keep the organization random so that they're not all in one rack) and if I keep any in little cases, it's going to be stuff like the Touch Sequencer where playing with them while they're vertical is a real chore. We'll see. This change is a long way off.