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Aah yeah, I understand you. But I usually sent 12 tracks to the mixer. So pads as a stem, synths, percudsion etc. I have not send all my individual stems to a mixer. And in my production process I all send these to a certain bus. End goal is ofcourse to get my mix that good that only a master engineer will need to do his work. I feel mixing is a part of production and tend to put a lot of work in that too. Perhaps that’s because I started with EDM and from Holland where you tend to get your mix as good as possible(in my experience)
That's not really mixing's stem mastering! I know what you mean re EDM (I used to request all processing stripped, now I'd rather have it in place apart from vox and generic FX), but you still ideally want to be sending separate parts for best results.

Mixing in electronic music is a part of the production up to a point, but you also want to leave the mixer space, and bussing stems together doesn't really do that.

If it works for you, great, but I'd want to go one way or the other.