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Aah yeah, I understand you. But I usually sent 12 tracks to the mixer. So pads as a stem, synths, percudsion etc. I have not send all my individual stems to a mixer. And in my production process I all send these to a certain bus. End goal is ofcourse to get my mix that good that only a master engineer will need to do his work. I feel mixing is a part of production and tend to put a lot of work in that too. Perhaps that’s because I started with EDM and from Holland where you tend to get your mix as good as possible(in my experience)
- A pair of Tree Audio The Branch MKII
- Avedis KP6 for your synths before going into the branch (or your preamp of choice).
- A pair of BAE 10DC or DCF (you could also only almost use the makeup gain because it's so good.. (It has definitely a grab as a compressor)

finished sound for any source.. mic or line you'll have.