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Well again, you can’t buss synths together and then hand off to the mixer, unless you really want to tie his hands! And it’s great being a Gearslut, but no point spending money on something you can’t use.

In your situation I’d either make the commitment to mix yourself and buy the gear for it, or focus on the creation and leave the mix polish to the mix engineer.

If you record vocals then obviously there’s an option for investment; if not, you might want to look at hardware synths or simply the best itb synths you can.

As a mixer, there’s some things I’d look at width wise, but really with edm you want the production to be there before mixing. I just don’t really see where outside of tracking, hardware fits into this workflow. As soon as you start processing stuff, you’re starting the mix process. Either commit to that and mix your own stuff, or work on your production chops and hand it off.

(And if you are committed to mixing yourself, there’s some great online courses to give you tips now!).
Aah yeah, I understand you. But I usually sent 12 tracks to the mixer. So pads as a stem, synths, percudsion etc. I have not send all my individual stems to a mixer. And in my production process I all send these to a certain bus. End goal is ofcourse to get my mix that good that only a master engineer will need to do his work. I feel mixing is a part of production and tend to put a lot of work in that too. Perhaps that’s because I started with EDM and from Holland where you tend to get your mix as good as possible(in my experience)