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I probably will (be getting a lot more). Their designs are unusually clever yet very practical and musical. Not sure I like the oscillators though, a bit too glitchy for me maybe.

How do you use the Horologic?

The many inputs of the Zuraric Repetitor makes it so versatile that you can use it for many other things than just a rhythm generator, especially in generative patches with random clocks and evolving pattern alterations with the cv inputs.
I plug the Horologic into the Zuraric

With the Horologic I like playing the switches. The 3 speeds, the division change, and the switch from int to ext which I use to stop or pause the clock with no input in the ext, or to switch between two tempos.

My other favorite NE modules are the BIA, Pons Asinorum which is an amazing amount of modulation in 6hp, and Mimetic Digitalis which is like having a small rene (non linear sequencer) but I can actually remember the button combos on it.