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I have a 2017 trad, some are great, some are dogs, ya really have to play just about any Gibson before purchasing.
That said, my trad got me the first few licks.
It had the basic tone I was after,
I love the huge neck, some may not, the weight is about 7.9 , light for a solid body..and is in fact a solid body...
The flame is tight, but bookmark is angled, this turns many people off, I happen to like
Things I was not happy with..
Nashville bridge , snot green tunners,
Wrong shape on the pick guard compared to a vintage lp, the rings were the same , all this was changed to a more vintage les Paul
Correct looking part, went to a nylon 6-6 nut, that was the hardest nut to make I have ever made!
And few other small changes That went more late 50s lp, the pickups were ok, but went with rs pots, 50s wiring, bumblebee oil cap, and and after about 20 different pickups ended up with Virgil Arlos 1959 pickups, a second set that was made for me with slightly lower output than usual..
and that set will stay...just nailed what was in my head when I think les Paul! Either clean or dirty..
Changes made got me the last 10% of the look and tone I was after...the basic tone and feel, look and weight all worked for me, the changes made I believe enhanced what I started with.
Kinda done looking for a les Paul, this one checked all the boxes for
It’s a player for sure, not a guitar to collect and keep stock...
That guitar has light up a few experienced les Paul players, it’s pretty’s got “it”
So ya I like the trads for being as close to a vintage lp as you can get, from Gibson USA anyway, I guess it’s now called the standard? but like I said I have played a few that outright sucked tone wise.
Play em all, pick the best you find...that you can afford, but it’s best to play Em all, even if outside your price range. Conversely you may find a cheaper model speaks to you more!!
May take a few years to find “it”