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I totally disagree. While I understand the reality of child mortality, I’m confused as to how you think an infant can “help” with anything.
True, but infants also don't take up a lot of resources compared to a grown up.

So, if you’re having a child every year, you’re probably going to hit at least 5 kids before one of those kids can provide some help. That leaves 4 kids who are still demanding resources.
Well no, you'd maybe have 2 left by that time. Infants suffer the most mortality. And then after those first years you'd have an extra helping hand every couple of years. Sadly that doesn't mean those older kids will survive and become adults.

I’m not advocating for forced sterilization, here. I’m just saying that making sure women have control over their own reproduction is important. This means access to birth control and laws to insure their rights to use it. Education is crucial as well. I’m not saying this is a single antidote to all problems, but combined with reasonable economic plans it can help a lot.
Sure, but you didn't mention any of those. You were just talking about the amount of kids as if that is the simple solution to all their problems.
As i said, you're reasoning from the luxurious position of the west. You base your opinion on your experience with VIP passes and Universal Studios and apply that to countries where having enough drinking water is a problem. How ****ing twisted is that?