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Thats part of the mix and/or master job description, so I'd tend to leave any mix bus processing like that to the mixer. Or at least give them a labeled version with/without. Give them a chance to do their own thing, vs. boxing them in.

I was once given a track to master for a friend-of-a-friend. I had the beat and vocal track, but the vocal had all kinds of processing on it like chorus and saturation and even panning back and forth. I could have easily worked with it if I had a raw track, but that wasnt really in the job description here so I was stuck with the overcooked vocal I was given and the result was fine, but inferior because of it. I could have polished up that vocal, but with the heavy saturation on it, even simple EQ moves were difficult, so I had to roll with the distorto-voice and make it work.

Having said all that, maybe check out Gullfoss

Another common sweetener thing is a Pultec type eq, gently boosting lows and highs like 60hz and 16k. I like Noise Ash Rule Tec series, or the Tube Tech eq plugin.

Or a colorful comp just doing like 0-1db reduction.

Or tape machine plugins, or light, light saturation.

I'd be careful though, it's really easy to overcook doing stuff like this. Give the mixer a clean copy as well, they're usually way better set up to make those calls and use those types of tools.