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Old 9th September 2019
Here for the gear

Thanks for the shootout. I'm just a 46 year old hobbyist/rookie at this stuff and I think most of them sound good enough and similar enough for anything I would do. It shows me that I have a lot more critical listening and learning to do before I could ever justify big purchases.

The only one I found myself shying away from was B. It seemed narrower, or just didn't hit me right. Overall, I didn't like the +3dB files as much as the raw and lightly compressed files; the snare was doing that SSL snare thing and changing the tone too much for my liking. I did take some time to flip the polarity on a number of tracks compare where things were grabbing and I even put my IK Bus Compressor on a raw track and was able to achieve some decent results comparing "C" from both the original and +3dB files.

Listening environment was: Reaper -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP -> Sony MDR-7520.

Thanks again for the test, and thanks for leaving it blind. I'll take a PM with the results whenever you have some spare time.