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Hey Daniel - I'd agree with Hugh that if your artist works with a single mic and monitors his performance, he'll discover the balance between his guitar and his vocal much quicker. I generally have the opposite issue - when flatpicking, my playing can be much stronger then my voice and the only way I have found to achieve a proper balance is to work on that balance with a single mic and headphones. I prefer a big ribbon (AEA44), but sometimes use a tube mic (Horch RMJ2). Depending on the session, I sometimes revert to a two mic set up, which I suppose might be a visual issue for video.

When it is time to hit record, I ditch the headphones.

Regardless if I use 1 or 2 mics, I'd still use a stereo pair in the room 6-8 feet away to catch the natural reflections and blend that to taste.

I love working on location in rooms and natural spaces, especially ones that have history. I've done some recording in a cave near Soddy Daisy, Tn., the parlor of the house my dad grew up in in the Sequatchie Valley Tn. and I've been trying to get the little church he went to as a child to let me record in there, but they've been a bit hesitant. Unfortunately, the stuff I have done was always done quickly, so not always the best capture.