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Those that love UA, seem to move past the fact that you have to route your audio through the console rather than the host DAW. I wish there was a way you could get the same benefits that the console offers inside the host DAW. Maybe one day.

I agree that Apple moving to a subscription model would be foolish and would result in a loss of customers. It just seems all the big software companies are moving in that direction (Microsoft, Adobe, Pro Tools etc). I hope Apple resists the temptation.
It depends on what you are doing. If you are solely mixing, the Apollo is identical to a Satellite. There's no routing through Console. If you are recording, then that's when you do need to engage Console. Your facts are faulty depending on the use case.

How many times do users have tracks record-armed with desired effects included? Perhaps there is a certain group, but for the most part on the 2-Bus there's no need for Console. The Apollo interface still comes into play regarding audio playback, but that's a completely separate issue.