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Originally Posted by mattrixx View Post
Mmm, I am also waiting to see it in my account. (Another Annual subscriber)

Just a quick update. I got in touch with support and it turns out I have an annual "Perpetual Subscription".
I was not aware, that this doesn't fall into the "Subscription" category. Confusing.
Have been told that if I let my subscription lapse, the software PT Ultimate, will continue to work. (But I have to keep it going, to get updates and support). well, yeah.... I asked if that's the only difference to the Annual Subscription and the response was basically... Yes. (apart from the inclusion of HEAT in the latter).

I'll have to weigh up the pricing between the two and see if I can be bothered changing, or just stick with what I am doing.

I think that is way more expensive and you can pay the $200 bucks own Heat and have a change!
Avid is really a very stupid company