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Old 9th September 2019
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You're absolutely right. My biggest bratty complaint is I'd love to have a single platform to share updates that gave every audience the same user experience. I share stuff to FB, IG regularly and those followers get a different experience than GS which I'd love to know more about regarding syncing to the GS site from mobile. For IG and FB I can upload a video to IG and connect it to FB which then hits both audiences at one time without needing to convert files for hosting or loss of sexy format.

We've already had several updates on social media with PCB layouts, schematic posts, discussions about the inductor circuit, the PAX circuit with the newly dubbed Klint Filter, new clips are getting uploaded this week.

A simple and easy way to get access to these updates is to follow Handsome Audio on Facebook and to follow me on instagram. (PS is this allowed to direct traffic offsite for social media? I didn't post links for this reason).

Just went to Facebook and saw a bunch of exciting stuff. Good to see!

But L, you gotta tell us where that stuff is or we are in the dark. It’s on you to tell GS at the very least “hey guys, cool post just up on fb”. Deal?