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Originally Posted by echoj88 ➡️
is quitting without currently having another audio job lined up a bad idea?
Well, quitting without currently having another job lined up CAN be a bad idea... depending on your situation.

It almost sounds as if you just don't want to do it anymore. Or at least, put up with the BS. Which, from the way you make things sound, is understandable.

Have you thought of starting your own co.? Anyone you know who you can contact that might be in with you, either as a partner(s), or potential freelance employees? Anyone you know willing to invest some money? You can start off small, and build from there. Something worth at least considering.

Have you asked your boss for a raise? Like, a HUGE one. One you almost know he would say no to, but on the off chance you can get it, one that would make putting up with the BS a lot easier? If you do ask, be prepared to leave, so you can tell him that you want x-$, or you're outta there. But you HAVE to leave if he says no, otherwise you look like a chickenshlt, and he will walk all over you for the entire time you remain there. So, choose wisely there, and think before you do anything.