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Old 9th September 2019
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Advice on leaving audio job

Hey guys,

Just looking for a little advice on possibly leaving my audio job. I currently work at a post audio place mainly doing VO for animation and video dames, ADR, and dubbing. I am happy with being an audio engineer, I like the work, I don't mind working long hours. However, my work lately has been getting busier and busier. We keep taking on these dubbing projects that are transcribed terribly. Mostly very broken English, and during the sessions we have to constantly rewrite lines with the talent in the booth. And when I say we it is only me the engineer in the booth and the voice talent. They don't want to pay the extra money for a voice director. The timecodes for cues that are given are also never on, they could be anywhere from 10-20 seconds off. They also do not cue all the stuff they want while dubbing, which includes effort type things such as breathes, laughs, efforts, etc. Even though none of these things are cue'd we are expected to find them during the session and grab them with the actor. Along with that they only pay a for a very limited time with each actor, which in most cases it is hard enough to finish all of the lines that our cue'd and are only able really to get one take of each cue. And a lot of times the client comes back asking why did we miss this stuff. Also should mention 90% of the time we get these scripts for cueing an hour before the session.

More and more projects are becoming like this. Most sessions I find myself playing many roles as director, script cordinator, writer. My current employer knows of these issues but doesn't seem to resolve them or contact the company we are dubbing for to ask for better materials to prepare for the session.

This is just one of the many issues currently. More issues also include sessions booked backed to back when rooms need to be dramatically changed over. Not receiving information to smoothly run a session. Hiring help with no audio experience.

Is this becoming a normal thing? Does anyone else have experience with this?

Also is quitting without currently having another audio job lined up a bad idea?