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James Purvis from Roland posted this at YouTube:

“The Fantom has 4 BMC chips, meaning that is has by far the most powerful modelling of any sound processor we have ever made. The V-Piano modelling sounds are built in, and due to it having more chips, the modelling is actually more sophisticated and expressive than ever before. All of the synth sounds are completely brand new, as ZEN-Core, which only feature in these new Fantoms. In addition, the new DSP and audio conversion is much higher in quality, so the quality of the playback is exceptionally clear. So even if you play an older sound, it will not sound the same as previous models as they do not have the audio conversion clarity that the Fantoms have.”

So I guess the sound engine in the Fantom is not the same as the sound engine in the Jupiter X, Xm, MC-707 or 101, and Zen-CORE is only found in the Fantom line.

If this has already been established in this thread, I apologize, carry on.
4 BMCs? That's a new record. SYSTEM-8 uses 3 and that was the highest I was aware of.

What video exactly?