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Old 9th September 2019
Thanks for the reply. 30cm doesn't sound all that bad, except for the ceiling. But I suppose if it does ultimately sound good, even a 2.1m treated ceiling might be acceptable.

I think I have a pretty good handle on the soundproofing. MSM calculators are helping me understand what to expect. And I know my structural limitations. In the end it will be a somewhat "typical" application of room in room construction, with 2 layers of mass for each room, air gap and insulation between. Plus a door for each leaf. It's not going to be ideal at lower frequencies but should help keep the outside world at a dull roar. Certainly better than it was initially.

For now I'm trying to finish up the outer leaf. I'd like to have at least a general direction on the design before constructing the inner leaf.

Have you guys designed any commercial facilities in the US? Ideally in the western half? I'd like to check one out, as someone suggested earlier in the thread.