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Here you go again with your ridiculous strawman. I know 'how' mate, trust me.

'Good enough to get the job done', huh? That's what you want from Roland? Suit yourself.

An efx bath to hide a weak synth certainly gets 'a' job done, but it's not how I roll, mate, it's not how I do 'my job'.

What the hell are you talking about? I didn't own a synth 30 years.

Truth hurts mate, the new stuff ain't as good as the old stuff. However, some ANALOG synth makers have been succesful in creating great sounding instruments for the modern age. I'm not talking about Roland..

Wow, you just can stop yourself, can you?

Ahh, did I step on a toe or something? Is that you making that **** I hear on the radio? Then I've got some very basic tips for ya'.

Fwiw., I make music people dance to too, but I'm not going for the fast buck. I take pride in what I do.

I'll just say this-I've met people like you; you think you know how it all works, and you have all the answers, but we both know you don't know half of what you think you know when it comes to making great songs, and you certainly don't know how to make great modern songs. You're good, but not good enough. You need to be great. It's not that you hate it so much- you just know you can't do it, and it burns inside. I've met people who wanted to work with me- thought their music was 'cutting edge' and when I heard it, my partners and I immediately knew it was dated and irrelevant for the present time, but he didn't- he thought he had something unique and fresh...we let him down easy and declined his services. You're that guy dude- a narcissistic, grumpy person for whatever reason.

Do you really think I consider Roland the be-all-end-all for music production lol? My point is simply this; the new Fantom has multiple options to help make something great- IF you know how. It's one tool in the toolbox- just one tool, but it offers a ****load of creative options for song creation. When I track it through my rack, anything I send through and the routing options I have, will give me any texture I want.
You are clearly stuck in the 80's man. Hell, I love Neve sound and design but I use Portico II's these days because most music technology evolves for the better- even analog and digital synths- yes, it's true lol! And what makes you think I'd use just the stock sounds and efx on the Fantom lol?
Tell the 80's I said hello!