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I want to chime in and say this.
It's true that the new 4.3 driver on Windows still exhibit some quirks need fixes

But the Sonarworks customer service is THE ABSOLUTE BEST I ever came across in pro audio industry.
Every support ticket response is extremely fast, the rep actually guide you to solve your problem or pass to their dev team if they cannot solve the issue on the spot and they actually follow up.
Everytime I have issue reported to them, within 1 or 2 weeks, there is a new update release to solve the exact issue and numerous other issue I image other user reports.

This is how a good post sale support looks like as oppose to Antelope Audio (Avoid this company if you still have the chance) the worst I ever encountered.
I agree as to Sonarworks - yes there are still glitches to iron out but my experience of their customer support when needed was both prompt and helpful.