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How to treat this room?

I would like to treat my space for mixing.

The room has an opening towards another room on the right of my desk, which can be closed by sliding wooden doors. The studio room is 5.30 x 3.60 meters, and the ceiling is 3.10 meters.

This is the REW measurement (not ideal, I'm sorry):

There is no treatment at all right now aside from Auralex Mopads below the monitors. The studio room is also kinda empty but I do have bookshelves to add eventually. I am ready to spend some money in treatment, though.

The room might be a bit complicated being two rooms connected (again, I can slide the doors and obtain a single rectangular room that way, but part of one wall would be wood instead of concrete) and also due to the windows. Right now, the right monitor has a wall besides it at around 130 cm away. Behind the monitors there's a combination of wall and windows, 60 cm away.

First, my listening position is right now at around 25% of the length of the room rather than 38% as I have read it would be a good idea to be, so should I move the desk and the monitors at 25% instead and my listening position at 38%? By doing so, though, the right monitor will have the OTHER's room wall far off on the side, OR the wooden door if I shut them. It would be an asymmetric setup, which I don't know if it's good.

I don't anymore know what's the better monitors position here, and how to treat the room. I am ready to buy Roominators, the base GIK Acoustic kit, or bass traps. But I don't know what I should buy, I need a plan.

I absolutely cannot hang anything on the ceiling at this time - most everything else at around 500 to 1000 euros, I can do.

Hope to get some good advice. Thanks in advance.
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