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I am well aware of the fact that it is not easy to influence a performer to work on a better technical protocol however that is exactly what I would recommend for the outstanding talent captured in this video. For starters the primary problem is the fact that the capture of his guitar work is much weaker than the vocal. Stereo micing is not helpful in this regard and for the record I much prefer a balanced mono protocol for a solo performer with a single card tube mic however this requires the performer to find their "sweet spot" with their personal mic of choice. I have six tube mics in my locker and for me the card only pattern of my Flea47next or AT4060 with a Mullard NOS tube are my favorites. I have several clients that much prefer one of my Pelusos (2247SE, P67 or P12).
If Kyle Donovan will set up a high quality card tube mic and directly monitor the shadings of his relationship to the mic as he plays and sings he will have identified a more important element in his performance than the guitar he plays. It is my opinion his skill as a singer, player and writer warrant the effort.

The entire question dealing with the pros and cons of of stereo micing a solo performer is long way from a settled issue.